Why Ensu

June 12, 2020

Why I'm building Ensu

I’m Amol, the co-founder of Ensu. The question I get asked most often when friends and family learn I left my stable finance job to found a startup is, “Why build another product for mental health?” The reason is because to me, it’s personal. 

I’ve been through many painful periods in my life. I grew up in Australia as part of an Indian immigrant family--a cultural and societal environment where being in touch with your emotions was not the number one priority. 

As a result, I grew into a young adult who was extremely insecure, anxious, unhappy, and often destructive to myself and those around me. Towards the end of college, I developed severe depression and anxiety, as well as an acute lack of self-esteem.

After graduating I took a prestigious job that fit society’s vision of “success.” However, I quickly learned that I had no passion for the work itself. I was spending all my time at a job I didn’t love and no time at all trying to improve my mental health.

At the same time, I went through an intensely painful breakup. I felt like a big part of my identity had been ripped out. I was suicidal, and consider myself extremely lucky to be alive today. I was lost, alone, and worst of all it felt it was never going to get better. 

I had several false starts with getting better, covering:

  • Endless college counseling wait-lists;
  • Misinformation and doctors telling me it was all in my head;
  • Horrible early experiences with finding the right therapist; and
  • Not knowing whether the actions I was taking were actually helping. 

Over several years, and through a lot of pain and hard work, I was able to regain my mental health and build a much stronger version of myself--finally content and at-peace. 

I did this through:

  • Finally finding a good therapist and the right type of therapy for me (psychodynamic);
  • Learning how to understand my mind and properly introspect;
  • Building a toolbox of positive activities and habits, with disciplined follow-through; and
  • Creating a periodic self-reflection system that allowed me to accurately track progress.

In doing so I was able to fully get in touch with my emotions. I learned how to face problems and discomfort head-on instead of choosing avoidance, and I become comfortable with radically embracing vulnerability, allowing me to form new emotional connections with others and the world.

The founding team: myself, Travis, and Chris.

When I was ready to start Ensu, fate put me together with a founding team of incredible individuals who also have a strong personal connection to the mission of mental health. My Co-Founder, Travis, has struggled with a number of mental health challenges as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Our founding Head of Product, Chris, is deeply familiar with the difficulties of caring for loved ones struggling with their mental health.  Prior to Ensu, he had been building a tool on his own to help loved ones collectively support each other in managing their mental health.

Together, our mission is to provide a compass for the journey of mental health. 

We think there’s substantial room for improvement in the systems that are supposedly designed to help us get better. We think it doesn’t have to be this way, and we’re putting our blood, sweat and tears into building a world where it won’t be.

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