Building the Right Tools

February 21, 2019

Why we're doing this


Our emotional experience - the way we perceive ourselves, the things that happen around us, and our relationship with the world at large - sits at the centerpiece of everything that happens in our lives.

At our core, most of us have a strong desire to avoid pain and feel happiness. Unfortunately by and large, we were never given the right tools and frameworks with which to go about doing this, and as a result we often inadvertently end up feeling pain, and avoiding happiness. We’ve all struggled with our emotional health at various points, oftentimes more than most of us like to publicly admit.

It's personal

On a personal note, I’ve been through some very very difficult periods in my life with quite severe bouts of depression and anxiety.

Those times were tough. Things got real dark, like solar eclipse dark. I was completely lost, I felt incredibly alone, and probably worst of all I felt like the state I was in was never going to end, and that things would never get better.

Difficult times

When you’re going through difficult times, it’s usually pretty hard to know where to even begin, let alone know what the right things are to do.

If you overcome the first obstacles and end up actually getting help, you’re often hit with a new set of obstacles just when you thought things were supposed to be getting better. You get the wrong help. You’re given the wrong information. You question whether what you’re doing is actually helping or not, but for some reason you don’t know what the alternatives are. The list goes on.

My co-founder, Travis, our head of product, Chris, and other early members on the Ensu team have also had their fair share of challenges in dealing with emotional health and the systems that are supposedly designed to help us get better.

We think it doesn’t have to be this way, and we’re putting our blood, sweat and tears into building a world where it won’t be this way.

Amol Avasare, Co-Founder and CEO

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