Feeling Without Words

August 7, 2020

Before discovering Ensu, Nienta didn't know a lot about mental health. As a student from Washington state, his love of music and online communities saw him stumble upon Ensu. Recently, he shared his story with us. Read on to learn how Nienta discovered a deep connection between the music he listens to and his mental wellbeing.

Danielle Frider: How did you initially learn about Ensu? 

Nienta: I spend quite a bit of time on Reddit, so I was scrolling through r/discordservers at the time when I found an advertisement for Ensu. The ad didn't feel like it was spammy or from a troll, so I decided to check it out. I really connected with the whole concept of mental health and music, so I decided to download the app.

DF: Which Ensu feature is your favorite? 

NZ: Definitely the check-in feature where I can log my mood and what’s going on at that moment. I use it almost every time I get into the app. It makes me feel more organized and helps me stay on top of my emotions.

DF: What should we build next? 

NZ: I’d love to see a feature where you can search for people with a specific community badge. I feel like it would be a pretty nice addition to the app; it would help me connect with online friends easier. I really enjoy being a part of online communities. They have helped me. 

DF: Why do you listen to music? 

NZ: It makes me feel great when I listen to it; also to cope with the stress.  I get stressed real easy about school, online jobs (I code Discord bots for money), chores. Sleep is also one way I cope with stress, any kind of rap usually helps the most. 

DF: What music genre, artists or songs are your favorite? 

NZ: I like rap, lofi, pop, rock, you name it. These genes all make me feel good in a way I can't totally explain. For sadness and for going to sleep I often listen to lofi. My feel-good music is always pop, but to feel unstoppable I like rap, and to feel nostalgic I listen to classic rock.

DF: When did you start caring about or learning about mental health?

NZ: When I first learned about Ensu! Ensu got me intrigued about the world of mental health. Since then, I have learned about the importance of music in a totally new way.


As Nienta has shown us, music can be a wonderful, low stakes way to start engaging with your own mental health and emotions. If you haven't tried the app yet, why not give it a go?

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