Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ensu?

Ensu is a mobile app, currently available on iOS and Android. Ensu connects to your paid Spotify account and passively monitors your listening habits. Within the app, you can "check-in" to report how your mood is that day, get a "breakdown" of how your listening connects to your mood, generate custom playlists using the principles of music therapy, and send your closest friends "surprises" to show your support when they're feeling down.

How much does Ensu cost?

Ensu is free for everyone, and we want to keep it that way. In the United States, mental healthcare is prohibitively expensive for many of the people who need it most. We started Ensu to change that. You will never be asked for your credit card information by Ensu.

How do you make money?

Ensu is currently venture funded. Our goal is to build the go-to digital tool for managing mental health. Eventually, we plan to launch a marketplace of therapy providers and other mental wellness options that users have the option to purchase within the platform.

Who owns my data?

You do. We are fully GDPR compliant, and also HIPAA compliant. We don't currently interface with healthcare providers, so we are not required to be HIPAA compliant, but our plan is to be able to have people use Ensu to interface with their mental health providers, as well as down the road have direct tie-ins to telehealth and psychological support. We've chosen to be proactive in making sure that we are compliant on both HIPAA & GDPR from day one. We don't believe in selling your data for profit, we're here to put you in control.

Do I need Spotify Premium to use Ensu?

Currently, yes, to use most fo Ensu's features you will need an active Spotify Premium account. If your account is not active, Ensu can still track your music and moods, but you won't be able to generate playlists or progressions.

Does Ensu work with any other music platforms?

For now, we're only connected to Spotify, but we do want to expands to as many music platforms as possible. We hope to bring Apple Music into the fold later this year. We're already building an Apple Music waitlist. The more Apple Music people we get who want to join, the faster we can make an Apple Music partnership happen.

Sign the Apple Music waitlist

When will there be a desktop version of Ensu?

In the future, we hope to be across as many platforms as possible, but a desktop app isn't something we're building right at this moment. Currently, you can listen to Spotify on your laptop and it will still get detected by Ensu (as long as it's linked to the same Spotify account).

Who is the Ensu Cat?

The Ensu cat is named TC, or Tiny Cat. She lives with our cofounders and is beloved by all. She enjoys climbing, hiding, chicken, and of course, music.